With the digital transformation, data – and how it is generated, linked and used – is becoming more important in all areas of life and work. Data-based decisions pose new challenges for educators: They have to shape data education and position themselves in relation to the increasing use of data. However, what usually remains open is what the presence of data, for example from virtual learning environments or from information and performance data systems, means for teaching and learning and how it can shape educational processes.

This is where the cooperative project comes in and asks how educators deal with the diverse data that accumulates in everyday school life: How does data influence everyday pedagogical life? How is data embedded in learning at school? How do multi-professional teams understand and construct data education and how do they translate this into cross-curricular (media) pedagogical action?

We reconstruct how educators deal with data in everyday school life and also take a look at which organisational particularities cross-curricular educational offers entail. Based on this, we design educational concepts and accompany their implementation in school practice.