The sub-project at ifib deals with data practices in the everyday life of educators with a focus on the reconstruction of current practices. In order to map data practices, we use explorative methods, including “cultural probes”, to encourage educators to look at and think about their use situation in new ways. This means that we send instruments or “probes” into the field to give the educators the opportunity to document their own media actions and to reflect on them afterwards. For this purpose, we focus on the pedagogical staff that can be found in schools and school social work. Overall, different research questions are central:

  • How do pedagogical staff act in their (pedagogical) everyday life in relation to data, algorithms and data education?
  • How do they interact with apps and software systems in the school context?
  • How do they explain their pedagogical actions against the background of data education?

The analysis and classification of the data is initially carried out against the background of the respective characteristics of the participating schools, in order to ultimately be able to derive fundamental requirements for data education.